Artist's Top 50 - Eric Evans Fine Art


Always having an affinity for photography, but never having the tools to unleash his creativity, Eric began his Photography journey when his father gave him a vintage Petri f/1.9 rangefinder camera. That first roll of film that he pulled out of the 45 year old camera was quite uninspired except for two shots that he had "shot from the hip" and just guesstimated the settings. These shots led him to continue investigating his creativity through the lens. In his early work he focused on black & white photography and after a couple of years honing his craft Eric was able to land an art gallery showing in 2008. Afterwards he started exploring color photography and even digital photography. The last few years Eric has been doing wedding and event photography. Recently Eric has found that his heart lies in Fine Art photography and has refocused himself in his art.

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Alex Get Some Visitors

On our family trip to Rocky Point, Mexico, Alex would grab a chair and go sit in the water at low tide. I thought it was an interesting scene so I grabbed my 200mm lens and started shooting. While shooting the scene a group of dolphins came by to give Alex a show.